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Ask your medical professional prior to taking paroxetine with a sleeping tablet, narcotic pain medication, muscle relaxer, or medication for anxiety, depression, or seizures.

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A Few Examples of Common Tags

Constant: Emotional lability, vertigo; seldom: Abnormal thinking, alcoholic abuse, ataxia, dystonia, dyskinesia, exhilaration, illusions, violence, hypertonia, hypesthesia, hypokinesia, incoordination, lack of feeling, sex drive enhanced, psychotic reaction, neurosis, paralysis, overly suspicious reaction; uncommon: Abnormal gait, akinesia, antisocial response, aphasia, choreoathetosis, circumoral paresthesias, convulsion, delirium, misconceptions, diplopia, medication reliance, dysarthria, extrapyramidal disorder, fasciculations, marvelous mal convulsion, hyperalgesia, hysteria, manic-depressive response, meningitis, myelitis, neuralgia, neuropathy, nystagmus, peripheral neuritis, psychotic depression, psychosis, reflexes decreased, reflexes boosted, amazement, torticollis, trismus, withdrawal disorder.

These dosages are roughly 8 (rat) as well as 2 (bunny) times the max recommended human dose (MRHD) on an mg/m2 basis. Since there is little clinical encounter, the concomitant management of Paroxetine hydrochloride and warfarin ought to be undertaken with care (see PRECAUTIONS-- Drugs That Interfere With Hemostasis).

Heading Level Three

People who were responders during the 10‑week double‑blind stage as well as throughout a 3‑month double‑blind extension stage were randomized to either paroxetine (10, 20, or 40 mg/day) or sugar pill in a 3‑month double‑blind relapse avoidance phase.

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[Ref] Endrocrine negative effects have consisted of diabetic issues mellitus, goiter, thyroiditis, hyperthyroidism, and also hypothyroidism.

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